The Beauty Of Life Is To Be Different

Every part of you is unique, including your home.

Your House Sign Will Be Something Special

1. Our designers will handle everything, we are experts in calligraphy and creative signage

2. Custom sizes and over 38 finish options in laser cut Metals, Timbers and Acrylics

3. We design your laser cut sign until you are 100% happy, editing as many times as you like prior to manufacturing

4. Any font, any idea, perhaps based on the style and age of your home 

5. Perhaps pay tribute to a native plant, tree or resident animal species in your area from our accurate and exclusive art collection



15 Important Points You Must Focus On Before Choosing Your House Sign

  1. Why do you need this house sign? What benefit will it give to you, your family and visitors?
  2. Is your house name of significance to you and your family or maybe even historically?
  3. Does your home need a unique statement to set it further apart from houses in your area?
  4. Are visitors having difficulty finding your house or the correct entry point?
  5. Do you have a special plant or animal on your property that you would like to pay homage to?
  6. Focus on the need factor and the story – carefully choose your material, fixing method/location and design concept based on the unique benefit your house sign is providing yourself, your family and visitors
  7. You need options, not limitations – choose Cutout and select from over 38 finish options in Metals, Timbers and Acrylics - your house sign will be one of a kind
  8. Custom designed by experts, drawn for your approval during our detailed client drawing phase
  9. Edited as many times as you like before our manufacturing phase
  10. Don’t be fooled by low cost options that are not created by qualified designers and focus on production speed, not cutting quality
  11. We pay careful attention to the quality of laser cut edges and our inspection and cleaning phases ensure a material finish which is flawless
  12. Your laser cut house sign will be in the top 1%, a higher standard than 99% currently on the market
  13. Rely on us every time, we take responsibility through the design, manufacturing and installation phases – no matter your location
  14. Benefit from experts with 53 years design and manufacturing passion and an unfathomable thirst for perfection
  15. Have complete client confidence with our 5 year replacement warranty EVEN FOR VANDALISM

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