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Are you getting a little tired of hearing the word NO or CAN'T in the market place?

So were we.

Be only limited by imagination and never by your suppliers capabilities

  1. The widest range of materials and cutting techniques for every application and design intention
  2. The largest sizes for the most immense laser cut, water-jet cut or perforated concepts
  3. The smallest sizes catering for every client and every need
  4. Superb finish options available for your chosen material
  5. Rely on 50 years experience and a passion for manufacturing     




Cutout offers Mild Steel, Stainless Steel, Corten Rusting Steel, Aluminium, Copper, Brass and more for your architectural screen or laser cut sign project. Our finishes include raw metals, powder coated; in hundreds of colours and finishes, electroplated, spray finished, hand painted, antiqued, anodized and more. The above highly specialised piece is brushed Stainless Steel, hand peened on an anvil by our blacksmith.


If your preference is a timber, which generally has a thicker, three dimensional quality; we offer our clients laser cut or CNC routed MDF, Plywood, Specialised Veneer options and more. Some superb finishes we provide for timber concepts are 2PAC spray finished, hand painted, varnished, stained and more. Pictured above is clear 2PAC spray finished MDF, featuring the black cut edges left by the laser cutting process.


Acrylics are a contemporary, architectural option for your laser cut screen or signage project. Depending on the brand we specify for you, based on your preferences and intended usage, some of the finish options include clear, translucent, full colour, frosted (as pictured), fluorescent, pearlescent, opal, textured, high gloss, satin, matte or options suited to LED back-lighting, with even light emittance properties.

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