Laser Cut Screens in Perth Provide Privacy to Any Residential or Commercial Project

Designing and installing laser cut screens in Perth provides privacy and adds architectural interest to any space from backyards to interiors. The precision of our laser cutting ensures bespoke, uniform designs for a variety of applications. Cutout offers a wide range of metals from which to choose in an array of colours and finishes that will complement any home or office. The ultimate design is a collaboration between you and the graphic designer who listens carefully to your desires to create a design that is uniquely yours.

Benefits of Privacy Screens in Perth

Privacy screens in Perth have more than one function. While they provide concealment, they are also an architectural detail that we can customise to your preferences.

  • Privacy screens in Perth offer an alternative to fencing. If you only need one area of your project protected from prying eyes, a privacy screen allows you to hide it from neighbours in a manner that adds dimension to your building or project.
  • A privacy screen provides shade from the sun, protecting outdoor furnishings from fading under constant harsh sunlight, while allowing air to move freely and keep you cooler during warmer weather.
  • Incorporating well-placed privacy screens, rather than a standard brick wall or wooden fence, adds an architectural feature and uniqueness to your property. Our laser cut screens are easier to maintain and are not subject to the same deterioration as wooden fences.

Related Services We Provide for Architectural Screens in Perth

Architectural screens in Perth add interest to interior spaces as room separators, which allow air movement while providing a bit of privacy.

  • An open floor workspace could benefit from an architectural screen. Adding well-spaced screens hides workspaces from clients or designates departments without the need for formal walls. Logos and text can also be incorporated into the design to identify departments.
  • Create a room divider in your home that is aesthetically pleasing and becomes a conversation piece. Odd openings filled with a bespoke design allows you a glimpse into a room without walking around a wall.
  • An architectural screen can be placed flush against a wall to add interest without paint. Adding a light-coloured metal to a darker background creates a new look to your room and adds appeal to the space.

Why Trust Cutout Architectural Cutting Solutions Regarding Architectural Screens in Perth

Our award-winning graphic designers work closely with you to create a design that expresses your individuality. You may find one of the designs in our portfolio to be to your liking, or we can create a bespoke design that represents your style. We have 50 years’ experience in graphic design, architectural steel manufacturing, construction and installation. We will complete your project professionally because our team takes pride in quality craft. We offer a five-year warranty on all products and guarantee you will be pleased with the final product.

Give us a call to learn more about our design and production process. We are sure you will be pleased with the final product that stands between you and your neighbours, while adding another element to your home or office.


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