Cladding And Building Facades

Architects and Builders rely on Cutout to design, manufacture and install laser cut and perforated architectural cladding and building facades. View some of our projects around Australia then call us.

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Architectural Screening

Interior Designers And Landscape Architects are taking notice of this new award winning approach for Architectural Screens; not of the 99%. Take a look at our completed projects here then get in touch.

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Unique Laser Cut Signs

Home owners, property developers, business owners, educational and government reps need unique laser cut signs as an alternative to standard, outdated printed signs - see for yourself then make contact.

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Laser Cut Privacy Screens

Architects can Create Functional, Quiet Spaces using Privacy Screens

We deliver bespoke privacy screens across Australia. Each project is unique and designed to meet your needs and space.

The Importance of Laser Cut Privacy Screens

We all enjoy spaces in our homes and business that are both functional and quiet. A custom privacy screen can be a simple yet dynamic solution.

  • Create a private, intimate area in your client’s house. We can help you design an outdoor laser cut screen that can be used to dampen traffic noise or create privacy from nosy neighbours. Indoors a divider can be free standing or fixed to a wall, to create separate spaces within the same room–allowing for multiple uses within one area of the home.
  • A custom design laser cut privacy screen reflects a client’s individuality. If you provide us with your design idea, we will edit, redraw or develop this for you from start to finish, ensuring screen strength, safety and aesthetics are maintained. For commercial purpose, our team can work with you to determine suitable sizing and incorporate your company logo or other design elements. Your custom screens will reflect your business and help you stand out from the competition.
  • Custom privacy screens or wall mounted screens can be used to hide unsightly features in a home or business. A perforated decorative screen could be used to minimise the visual impact of storage corners or unsightly electronics. Wall art can be used to cover electrical panels or other issues.

What You Can Expect from Cutout Regarding Custom Privacy Screens

Our team of professionals pride themselves on their customer service and quality products.

Tips for Architects to Get More Value Out of Laser Cut Decorative Screens for their Clients

Our laser cut screens will provide you with a variety of practical and decorative home solutions.

  • An excellent customer experience is essential. We work closely with you on the design and do not produce a cut until we receive your final approval. This process is to ensure we get things right the first time, but if there are any issues, we work with you to resolve them or provide alternative solutions. All our projects come with a five-year warranty. This warranty covers any defects or issues not deemed to be caused by vandalism or damage that was out of our control.
  • We deliver high quality products. We pay close attention to every detail, from the design, materials chosen, through to manufacturing and installation. To make sure you are happy with the result, we stay in touch, and we consider you a Cutout client for life, long after the completion of your project.
  • We deliver our products across Australia and worldwide. We can also arrange for installation for you, or you can choose to install your screen yourself. If you opt for self-installation, we provide all fixings, attachments, detailed drawings and installation instructions. You can also call us any time for assistance.

Why Cutout?

We have been creating bespoke signs and screening since 2007. Our team of professionals work closely with you to create a design that meets your needs. We focus on creating high quality decorative screens and property signs for our commercial and private clients. Contact us to discuss solutions for your home, business or building project.