Architects Can Create a Unique Look for Projects with External Cladding in Melbourne

Our external cladding in Melbourne is an ideal method for improving the aesthetics of a building’s exterior. With a range of materials, unique designs and endless custom options, a front facade can and will become a feature for your project while also providing added protection from the effects of weather. We ensure that your cladding is installed to industry standards.

What You Can Expect from Cutout Regarding Architectural Cladding in Melbourne

We guarantee that you will be delighted with your architectural project and our excellent customer service.

  • Our services are reliable and professional: We ensure to complete your project on time and to the highest standard. Our cladding and fixtures are always accurate and to your specified requirements. We take care of your entire project from the design stage through to installation and will keep you up to date throughout the process.
  • We have decades of experience: Our team has more than 50 years of graphic design and industry experience. We are dependable and will provide you with architectural cladding that goes beyond your design expectations and is manufactured using quality materials.
  • We guarantee our work: We stand by our products and workmanship, which is why we provide you with a satisfaction guarantee and a five-year warranty. We ensure that our products are created and installed to the highest standard, so they last in the long term.

Common Mistakes Builders Make with Metal Cladding in Melbourne

Avoid these common mistakes with metal cladding to ensure your building facade will stand the test of time.

  • Not adding a protective coating to claddings: You can ensure your metal cladding stays looking aesthetically pleasing as we always use protected materials. This feature will give your cladding protection against the exposure to harsh weather conditions. We also offer powder coating, 2pac sprayed and hand painted finishes that are completed to the highest standard.
  • Attaching fixings to cladding incorrectly: By incorrectly attaching fixings such as lights, fences or awnings to your cladding you can disrupt the integrity of the project and leave holes in the surface. This error can potentially allow water to get into the inner structure of your building and pool in areas such as the timber framework and cause damage.
  • Thinking it will provide extra insulation: While some materials used for cladding can provide a thermal layer of insulation, metal by itself is not one. Instead, metal cladding can provide an aesthetic effect that stands out as a feature on your building.
  • Not pre-drilling/cutting fixing points prior to finishing/installation phases: All fixing points on our cladding are pre-cut/drilled prior to rust proofing, powder coating and installation, to provide the highest level of corrosion resistance and accuracy.

We will help you find the ideal material that is best suited to your project.

Why Trust Cutout Regarding Architectural Cladding?

We have extensive experience providing impressive laser-cut, perforated cladding for a wide range of building styles. Whether your project involves cladding or decorative screens for a single building or multiple structures, we will design and install your facade feature to the highest standard. Contact us today to discuss your ideal design and material to improve the aesthetics of your building project.


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