Reach Out to Cutout about Your Next Commercial Project for High-Quality External Cladding in Brisbane

Are you considering external cladding for your building project in Brisbane? Turn to Cutout for some of the best choices on the market today. We hold ourselves to the high standards required for commercial and residential cladding.

Creative Ways to Use Metal Cladding in Brisbane

There are a variety of great ways to use our metal cladding in Brisbane for a project. A few ideas include:

  • Fence designs: A clients home or business should be an extension of their personal preference. Instead of using an ordinary white picket fence, specify and include an elegant design such as leaves, flowers or trees – please also see our Australian Native Grass Design Range. Remember that we offer numerous colour and finish options so don’t think that you have to confine yourself to the standard light colours.
  • Use around a fireplace: A fireplace tends to be the centre of any room. Adding metal around the opening gives the feature a modernised appearance. Don’t forget that you can also use metal cladding as a way to store firewood in a cut out nearby the fireplace, making the area both stylish and functional.
  • As a divider: For a restaurant, using free-standing metal pieces between tables is a perfect way to segregate space between customers. Try to select a design that has openings to allow natural light to shine through, but still give your customer the feeling that they have a private area to relax and enjoy their meal.

Benefits of Architectural Cladding in Brisbane

There are numerous advantages in utilising architectural cladding in Brisbane. A few examples are:

  • Aesthetic enhancement: If you are looking for a way to make your building project appear more visually pleasing or to have it stand out, incorporating metal cladding in your design is an elegant choice. Click here to view our beautiful design collection. Do you need something customised? Not a problem. Speak with a member of our team about our options.
  • Low maintenance costs: External cladding is built tough, which means that it can stand up to various weather conditions. We generally specify either rust proofed and powder coated Steel, Aluminium or Corten Rusting Steel, which have their own individual aesthetic, finish and weight characteristics.
  • Protection from external damages: A primary reason why metal cladding is used around a building is to have an extra layer of protection between it and other elements. For example, if branches are blowing around during a harsh windstorm, the chances of a window being broken are decreased by the presence of cladding.

About Cutout

The team at Cutout strive to provide you with nothing but the best options for external cladding. With over twelve years of experience using this building product, we provide every client with both a guarantee and a warranty to ensure your complete satisfaction. Our talented customer service team is here to address any questions or concerns you have at any time.

For more information about our cladding services, please contact us at your convenience.


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