Discover the Multiple Uses of Decorative Screens in Melbourne for Architects

You can install decorative screens in your client’s Melbourne home that are eye-catching and purposeful. Whether you need to fill a blank space on the wall, require more privacy or a railing with an artistic difference, our laser cut screens will provide a bespoke solution. We will help you set your project apart with unique screen designs, high-quality materials and attention to the finer details of your project.

Tips for Architects to Get More Value Out of Laser Cut Decorative Screens for Melbourne Clients

Our laser cut screens will provide you with a variety of practical and decorative home solutions.

  • Personalise your metal screen: There are no limitations other than your imagination when it comes to design patterns with our laser cut screens, meaning that you can customise your project and make it personal. For example, you can include a family crest, inspirational saying or family name and ensure that your clients’ dividing wall or artwork is unique and has meaning.
  • Consider the various possibilities for which you could use laser cut screens: We can design and create a multitude of screens for you to implement throughout your home in different ways. You can use aesthetically pleasing decorative screens as a room partition, railings or bannisters, privacy screens, window shutters, fences, garden screens, gazebo walls and more.Our robust and durable materials, as well as quality construction, makes our screens ideal as protective barriers.
  • Use a screen design that will complement your surroundings: Where you place your screen and the purpose of its installation can have an impact on the design you select. If you are creating a screen to provide more privacy, then consider small cut outs or have them spaced further apart. For a design feature where you still need an adequate amount of light shining through, you can incorporate more cutouts or make them larger.

Common Mistakes People Make with Decorative Metal Screens in Melbourne

Avoid these common mistakes with your metal screens to ensure you get the look you desire.

  • Using unsightly fixings when installing your screen: We care about every detail of your project, including the finer fixings and joinery techniques. Our team have extensive knowledge and experience in using the most appropriate fixings that work with your project. We incorporate these into the design stage at the beginning of the process.
  • Selecting the wrong material for the intended purpose of your screen: Our company uses a variety of materials for decorative screens including Metals, Timbers and Acrylics, Steel, Aluminium, MDF, Plywood and more. We will assist you in selecting the right material for your project.
  • Limited thinking with design and function: Our decorative screens are an ideal way to transform any area of your home with a detailed design and precise cutouts. We have an award-winning design team that will help you customise your screen and offer professional and knowledgeable advice.

We complete a diverse range of projects using advanced laser technology and quality materials.

Why Trust Cutout Regarding Your Decorative Screens in Melbourne?

Our team have over 50 years of design and industry experience. Our products come with a five-year warranty and a customer satisfaction guarantee. Contact us now to discuss incorporating decorative screens into your home.


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