Cladding And Building Facades

Architects and Builders rely on Cutout to design, manufacture and install laser cut and perforated architectural cladding and building facades. View some of our projects around Australia then call us.

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Architectural Screening

Interior Designers And Landscape Architects are taking notice of this new award winning approach for Architectural Screens; not of the 99%. Take a look at our completed projects here then get in touch.

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Unique Laser Cut Signs

Home owners, property developers, business owners, educational and government reps need unique laser cut signs as an alternative to standard, outdated printed signs - see for yourself then make contact.

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Custom Decorative Screens

Custom Decorative Screens from Cutout Provide Architects with Endless Possibilities

Custom decorative screens can serve a wide range of different purposes, depending on your needs. In addition to acting as pure, beautiful decoration, laser-cut screens can also act as privacy barriers, security safeguards, temperature control features and more. At Cutout, we can help you explore these options. Since 2007, we have been bringing high-quality, custom laser-cut screens to the market in Australia.

When Buying Custom Decorative Screens for Your Next Project, Consider This

Before you invest in a decorative metal screen for your project, ask yourself these key questions to guide the customisation of your screen:

  • What are you trying to accomplish? What is your goal with your screen? Are you looking for indoor or outdoor decorative screens? Do you need something that can act as a privacy barrier between different segments of your office, or something you can put over the windows of your storefront for security purposes? Knowing your goals will make the customisation process easier.
  • What do you like in terms of design? One of the best parts of working with Cutout for your laser cut screens is that we can meet any aesthetic expectations you might have. From the cutout design to the colour you choose for your screen, you can do a lot to make your design your own. On our website, you can look through hundreds of different designs to get a sense of what we do.
  • What size of the screen do you need? One thing we always say at Cutout is that we can handle any decorative or laser-cut privacy screens, be it ‘petite or monumental.’ If you are only looking for a small piece of wall art, we can do that. If you are looking for a sizable privacy screen to partition the office, we can do that too.

There are many ways in which you can utilise decorative screens and there are advantages to each application. Here are a few of our favourite benefits.

Firstly, Laser cut screens can be used to create private spaces for living without the concern of prying eyes. Maybe a bedroom has large windows that are a feature of the room, but the client would rather not have neighbours seeing you getting ready for the day. Create a small dressing area using a decorative screen and allowing the client to change in complete privacy while enjoying the luxury of having their own little space.

Another reason is that creative freedom is endless with our decorative screens. You can use them in a variety of ways, to make your space feel more peaceful and serene as well as to add aesthetic value to a client’s home. Screens can be used as dividers, while still adding a particular artistic element to your house, to create interest and add something special to the spaces you live in.

If you are looking for a way to put a unique twist on your client’s project, consider teaming up with Cutout for decorative screens. We focus on custom/bespoke screens and can help you craft a design of any size, look, or finish.

You can install decorative screens in your client’s home that are eye-catching and purposeful. Whether you need to fill a blank space on the wall, require more privacy or a railing with an artistic difference, our laser cut screens will provide a bespoke solution. We will help you set your project apart with unique screen designs, high-quality materials and attention to the finer details of your project.

Tips for Architects to Get More Value Out of Laser Cut Decorative Screens for their Clients

Our laser cut screens will provide you with a variety of practical and decorative home solutions.

  • Personalise your metal screen: There are no limitations other than your imagination when it comes to design patterns with our laser cut screens, meaning that you can customise your project and make it personal. For example, you can include a family crest, inspirational saying or family name and ensure that your clients’ dividing wall or artwork is unique and has meaning.
  • Consider the various possibilities for which you could use laser cut screens: We can design and create a multitude of screens for you to implement throughout your home in different ways. You can use aesthetically pleasing decorative screens as a room partition, railings or bannisters, privacy screens, window shutters, fences, garden screens, gazebo walls and more.Our robust and durable materials, as well as quality construction, makes our screens ideal as protective barriers.
  • Use a screen design that will complement your surroundings: Where you place your screen and the purpose of its installation can have an impact on the design you select. If you are creating a screen to provide more privacy, then consider small cut outs or have them spaced further apart. For a design feature where you still need an adequate amount of light shining through, you can incorporate more cutouts or make them larger.

About Cutout

The Cutout team aspire to be a trusted name in the industry for all your bespoke screen needs. We offer delivery and installation options for our products all over the world. For Australian clients, we offer personal delivery and installation. We want you to be delighted with your purchase, which is why we provide a guarantee of our services with a five-year warrant.

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