Cutout mild steel

Mild steel is the material we use when a powder coated look is desired, this achieves an even painted effect on a screen or structure. This material is generally cut up to 12 millimeters (mm) thick, however in special circumstances can be cut up to 20mm thick.
The steel must undergo a rust-proofing process prior to being powder coated to completely protect it from the elements. We use Zinc plating which involves the electrolytic application of zinc, by immersing clean steel parts in a zinc salt solution and applying an electric current.
This process is undergone for most typical projects, however in certain circumstances, for example, if we are intending the product for use in an area close to the sea or where it may be exposed to harsh salt conditions, we would use the hot-dipped galvanizing option to ensure it is adequately protected from the harsh elements of that environment.