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The brief was simple for our
design team.

A new division of cutout is to be
created; exploring contemporary
laser cut graphic /illustrative
design concepts.

The result is cutart.


We are pleased to release the first images in our
laser cutart gallery.


Entanglement 2  
Entanglement is ideally
suited to privacy screen
concepts in corten rusted steel,
powder coated and brushed
stainless steel.
  Entanglement 1 Entanglement 3  



  Autumn 1 is based on the
weeping cherry. The entire
Autumn design is ideally suited
to corten and powder coated
mild steel.
Designed as a large feature panel,
Autumn 1 has a size
minimum of 1150 x 1800mm.
Supplied with ninety degree
30mm backward return folds
on all edges - fittings supplied.
  Autumn 1  



Autumn wall panels
Possible gift idea
Cutout Gift range by Cutout
  Autumn 2 Autumn 3
Available as individual or grouped
panels these details are ideally
suited to a wide range of materials
including stainless steel, corten
and MDF. Each panel comes
complete with fixings.
Individual panels make the ideal gift.

  Autumn 4 Autumn 5  



Nature Studies  
  Cutart Dragonfly - cutout gift pack

From the late 19th century
Until the late 1960's, Nature Studies
Cutout Gift range by Cutoutwas a part of the primary school
curriculum. This series, beginning
with the dragonfly celebrates the
introduction to natural history
for many of us.

300 x 300mm stainless steel
with return folds - beautifully
presented in the cutout gift pack.



  Intense fire is necessary for the reproduction
of the banksia. Our studies of the burnt
fruit (seed) cones are ideal as a matt black
powder coated panel.



Lysterfield Lake

Set on the Southern outskirts of the
Dandenong Ranges, Lysterfield Lake
Park is a popular recreational and
wildlife conservation area. Extensive
reed beds are a feature and provide
habitat to a wide range of native
birds including the purple swamp
hen, coot and Grebe.

The gentle ripples created by the
canoe provided our design team with
inspiration for our "reed panels". We
hope you enjoy them.

Lysterfield Lake 1
Lysterfield Lake 2




Cutart by Cutout. Worm 1 design


One of the natural worlds most
beautiful phenomenon- the effects of
the larval stage of the wood beetle.

For many thousands of years,
indigenous cultures the world over
have depicted the trails and holes of
wood eating insect species in their art.

Cutart by Cutout Insperation for Worm design

Inspired by examples provided to our
designers Cutart celebrates this
stunning beauty with a series of three

These are ideally suited to a range of
contemporary applications, can be
modified to suit your particular
requirements and are available in
materials, including corten and


    Worm 1
  Cutart by Cutout. Worm 2 design Cutart by Cutout. Worm 3 design
  Worm 2 Worm 3  

Worm wall art.

Worm 4 is also available
as a wall panel (300 x 300mm).
As well, this beautiful panel
can be presentedas a gift pack.
Cutart by Cutout. Worm 4 Gift pack design
  Possible gift idea
  Cutout Gift range by Cutout
      Worm 4
Worm 5 demonstrates the
flexibility of Worm with its use
as repetitive pattern. Ideally suited
to a wide range of materials
including corten, MDF or as
powdercoated mild steel with
its vast choice of colours.
Cutart by Cutout. Worm 5 design
      Worm 5  



  Cutart by Cutout. Condensation 1 design Cutart by Cutout. Condensation 1 design

The shapes formed with water
on glass has resulted in designs
of striking beauty. Brushed stainless
steel would be a clear choice.
A real demonstration of laser cutting
used to create the most stunning of
contemporary effects.

  Condensation 1. Condensation 2.  




Both natural and machine created
the 'Escarpement' series focuses
on the beauty of cliff faces and road
cuttings. These panels are ideally
suited to the natural rust of corten.




  Kallista web    

The gardens of the Dandenongs
Ranges in Victoria during October
are often filled with the beauty of
spider webs, heavy with dew.
Ideally suited to mild steel with
delightful backlighting opportunities.

  Kallista web    



  The first of our panels inspired by
microscopic images of plant cells.
Cells 1 is ideally suited to mild
steel with a thickness of 5mm.
Cells 2 would be stunning in
9-32mm MDF with the black
edges being highlighted.
(See timber in cutout materials).
  Cells 1 Cells 2  



  Winter vines - Yarra Valley  
Winter vines 2
The winter vines of the Yarra Valley
in Victoria produce exciting shapes.
As one vingeron of the region
elegantly put it
'The winter vines dance into spring"
The earthy nature of the vineyards
during this period suit corten rusted
steel beautifully. Available also in
brushed stainless steel and an endless
range of powder coated colours.
  Winter vines 1    



Weathered post  

Cutart by Cutout Insperation for Post design

The old post and rails of the original
sheep and cattle holding yards were recently
replaced by steel. Many years of weathering
had produced stunning end grain timbers.

The old yard was a favourite with our designers,
and we are proud to pay tribute to a bygone era
of Australian bushcraft.

The screen is available in a range of materials
including rusted corten and MDF.

  Weathered post  



Tracers 1 Tracers 1


'Tracers' is the celebration of simple childhood pleasures; sparklers or the joy of cracker night.
As well as an exciting range of cutting edge materials available, including stainless steel
and acrylics, 'Tracers' is also ideal as a mild steel powder coated concept
with a wide range of colours to choose from.



Shattered 1 Shattered 2


Just how much dynamism with elements is possible.
'Shattered' is the first in our series exploring collision concepts.
Matt black powder coated panel on a white wall would be stunning.





The 1950's was an exciting period for change - scientific discovery, space travel and
colour had a rebirth after the war years. Cutart is proud to pay tribute to the '50's
designers with our 'Spacial' panel. Available in a wide range of materials including acrylics.
Proportions can be modified to suit individual requirements.




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